Lighting & Sound Services carries the following equipment for hire. The inventory is always changing, so if you require something you do not see listed, please get in touch!

  • 2/5/10/20m 13A extension cables
  • 2/5/10/20m 15A TRS
  • 2/5/10/20m 16A TRS
  • 32A power distro
  • 13A 4 way splitters
  • 16A 2/3 way splits
  • 13A-16A jumpers
  • 13-15A jumpers
  • 15-16A jumpers
  • 16-15A jumpers
  • 16-13A jumpers and splitters
  • 13A to PowerCon jumpers
  • PowerCon A-B cables
  • PowerCon couplers