Barnadiston Hall – equipment update

Lighting & Sound Services were brought in to update the equipment at Barnadiston Hall Prep School. The school, set in the Suffolk countryside, was having problems with nearly 3 dozen radio mics and an ageing analog sound desk, all being driven by novice students and staff with limited knowledge of audio. The school had purchased a digital desk but was unsure how to use it to best effect.

Working to a tight deadline of the annual summer musical production, we removed the analog desk and set up the new digital desk. The mountain of Trantec ratio mics were rationalised to 24 units with proper frequency coordination to reduce RF problems. We provided replacement mic capsules for damaged transmitters – one of the problems the school faced.

We also installed an Allen & Heath AR0804 stage box to allow key players in the band to be connected in to the PA system, for a more balanced sound in the room. Part of this work included supply and installation of DI boxes, data cabling, and a pair of 10″ coaxial stage monitors in order to give the band a clear feed of the stage dialogue and independent control of lead piano.

Training was provided to staff and students to cover the fundamentals of sound, how and why certain things happen, and bespoke training on their own Allen & Heath Qu 32. This empowered them to give a polished performance night after night, with no cracking mics, clear, intelligible vocals, and not a hint of feedback! This led to a happy school and happy parents during the 4 night run in June 2019.

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